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School Attendance Strategy


The RSAS (Remote School Attendance Strategy​) is a partnership between the Australian Government, state and territory governments, schools, the Remote jobs and Communities programme (and other employment providers) and remote Aboriginal communities. It’s about remote communities working together, supporting local, flexible solutions and building on existing school attendance initiatives.

Remote communities that can use assistance to raise school attendance rates will receive school attendance supervisors and school attendance officers to help improve attendance rates, working with schools, parents and families to make sure that all children go to school each day.

A school attendance supervisor will be employed through Kowanyama State School to guide and mentor school attendance officers working within their local community. They may include mums, dads, uncles, aunties or grandparents.

The role of the community providers and other providers

All local service providers are integral partners of the RSAS, by providing the necessary support to children and their families.

School attendance supervisors and officers will work closely with teachers, parents and the community to develop a community plan to identify ways to ensure all children in the community go to school every day.

The role of remote schools and teachers

Many schools in remote communities have existing programmes in place to encourage students to engage in school activities. In some cases, they already have attendance programs or staff who work with the local community to improve attendance. The school attendance supervisors and officers will work with schools to support any existing activities under way. Schools will play an important role in providing local advice and knowledge when developing the local community plan.

It is important for all schools to be involved in designing the activities that are going to work to increase attendance within their communities. Schools must endorse the school attendance activities that happen in their communities.

Schools will still have responsibility for encouraging and maintaining school enrolment and attendance. The strategy is not designed to shift responsibility for school attendance, but support schools, parents and families to work together through partnerships and activities that directly increase attendance and enrolment.

The RSAS provides additional support to schools by linking projects that target attendance measures with the resources available as part of the Remote jobs and Communities program.

Contact details

To talk to the Remote School Attendance Strategy coordinator for Far North Queensland, please phone 1800 079 098​.